February 20, 2009

US Airways crash provides positive publicity for the airline

Photo courtesy ABC News.

When you think of US Airways and all the negative press they’ve had in the past year about lost luggage and delays, you would never imagine that a plane crash would finally give them positive exposure.

The crash of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River has produced nothing but positive exposure for the airline and the crew. What has been the public perception of this accident?

  • The airline appears blameless — everyone is pointing the finger at the crazy flock of geese.
  • The pilot handled a difficult situation perfectly — with only a few minutes to act, the pilot made a textbook water landing into the Hudson River.
  • The crew demonstrated expertise and skill — no one died, few were injured and the pilot checked the plane twice before exiting.
  • The airline was proactive — less than a week after the crash, US Airways issued $5,000 checks to passengers to assist them with their immediate needs. They are also reimbursing passengers for ticket cost.

Let’s hope they handle their next “lost bags” crisis just as well.

Original Story at ABC News