October 1, 2009

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part II

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon.

Part II. From quantum leap to fold change.

Diagnostic and genomic tests are now being applied to pharmaceutical decisions. Today, the use of genomic data can optimize the ability to identify discrete subpopulations in clinical trials, leading to the development of highly targeted drug therapies, such as Her-2/Neu measurements to optimize the therapy decision-making for a breast cancer patient. In fact, 10% of pharmaceuticals now have pharmacogenomic data in their labeling.

What are the implications for marketers? There are no longer simple boundaries, but intersections where several disciplines are folding back on one another. Your marketing challenge is now a kind of origami puzzle, with different shapes meeting others at odd angles, with small or large junctions and hinges connecting them. What at first seems like oddly configured folds on a piece of paper eventually emerges a beautiful bird, like the classic origami crane.

Part III takes on Origami Marketing itself.