June 10, 2020

Using business criteria to determine what to take to market, after you reopen.

Current COVID-19 trends indicate that we are on the other side of the peak in most places in the U.S. States have lifted stay-at-home orders, and we’re all starting to experience what our new normal looks like. This means that while critical care units and emergency departments are still treating COVID-19 patients every day, the numbers have decreased.

Is it time to focus on what’s next?

For healthcare marketers, this means developing the most pertinent criteria to determine what to take to market. Prior to COVID-19, criteria such as profitability, clinical strength, physician champion and capacity were all part of the discussion.

With COVID-19, any areas with patient paths …

  • … that move through the ED must be examined for capacity, throughput and safety precaution.
  • … that require intensive lab support, such as IVF, need to consider lab capacity.
  • … such as mammography need waiting areas to be reconfigured and safety precautions communicated to patients.

If you currently don’t use a criteria selection matrix, we can help you. AB&C knows healthcare very well, and we’ve worked with some of the region’s premier healthcare providers.

Healthcare needs to create a new future for itself, and marketers can be a huge player in that conversation. Do what you do best! Bring your knowledge of healthcare and your market to the table.