Facebook, why you gotta play us like this?

Sean Parker: You may have a point, but you’re also missing the point.

Just like any morning I opened my eyes to my alarm gave a quick stretch and rolled over to my smart phone to quickly enter cyberspace and start my day. Naturally, I had to check Facebook first to see what mindblowing information I had missed in the past eight hours (priorities straight). As I scrolled through my app a plethora of status updates came through bashing the book for changing its layout.Read full post...


The Evolution of a College Student

Ah, the good ol’ days

First things first: I have a bit of a Peter Pan complex. I am 25 years old, yet I still cling to the memories of my college career, insisting that I am not old enough to be a post-college grownup. Truth is I am. I work a 9-to-5 and the rowdiest I get Monday through Friday involves a glass of wine, an episode of Dexter and a hard 10 p.m. shuteye. But as the relentless ticking of the clock pushes me towards middle age, I yearn for the sleepless nights academia once brought me. So naturally, when a group of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) students at the University of Delaware asked me to get involved in their chapter by speaking at an event, I had to say yes. Of course I wanted to go back to my alma mater to relive my adventures in those hallowed blue and gold halls and hear stories of these crazy college kids.Read full post...


Would you want to be Casey Anthony’s publicist?

Casey Anthony at trial

The verdict is in. Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who was on trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee in 2008, cries in the courtroom as the jury forewoman reads, “In the matter of first-degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty.” There are more than a million onlookers on CNN.com as Anthony walks away from the death penalty and into the arms of freedom. She’s acquitted of all major charges: murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. Charged with only four counts of delivering false information to law enforcement officials, Anthony is sentenced to four years in prison. But having served three years already, she won’t be doing much hard time.Read full post...