August 31, 2009

Whatever happened to “talk amongst yourselves?”

Where is today's face-to-face communcation?

Where is today's face-to-face communcation?

Much of what you read here in AB&C Blogland relates to technology. We offer our thoughts on the latest developments, trends and leaps forward in the rapidly advancing world of web connectivity. Things have reached the point where you can’t go too many places without spotting someone staring down at some sort of handheld device. Even my travel plans have been affected! It used to be that long car trips to client meetings meant there’d be time to catch up on the latest office gossip.

Not too long ago, we’d have a grand old time chatting it up about former employees, quirky clients and weird stuff lying by the side of the road. The vehicle’s driver would have a pocketful of change to make a pay phone call, if and when that need ever arose. Remember pay phones? But now, car trips mean catching up with others — electronically. Just last week, I rode shotgun to a client meeting with several coworkers. Instead of nonstop conversation as the car bounced down the road, there was silence — as my traveling companions furiously tweeted and texted away. It seems that everyone in America is staying in touch with each like never before — but sadly, not necessarily face-to-face.