September 15, 2009

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part I

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon

Part 1. A head-on collision.

Over the last several years, marketing the Life Sciences has meant different things to different people, encompassing pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, medical devices, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, to name the major players.

Ironically, as the disciplines named above have become more defined, they have started occupying the same space. As developments in many of these fields begin to integrate, they also begin to collide. These disciplines are now affecting each other — and affecting each other’s developments.

Marketers of these products are now faced with having to think outside their own discipline — outside their own box. It means they have to start thinking inside someone else’s box (maybe a lot of them at once).

In Part II we’ll see where these collisions are happening.