November 12, 2009

The recruitment marketing scale

How to measure effective recruitment marketing?

How to measure effective recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a simple balancing act, right? Place your message on one side of the scale, and your communication medium on the other. If your message clearly illustrates the value of the position you are trying to fill, great. But if you don’t balance your strong message with an effective way to get it across to potential candidates, well, not so great. Conversely, if you have excellent communication tactics but a weak message, your scale will again be out of balance.

But something’s missing in this scale analogy: the fulcrum.

Which, in this case, is ROI tracking and reporting. You have to know how to track a campaign’s success — or lack thereof. More important, you have to know how to report the results to the folks in the executive suite. Otherwise, they won’t be writing any more checks for any future campaigns.

Track how many candidates you get from your campaigns and where they came from. Note how you stack up against the competition. It’s the best way to prove your value to the suits — and the best way to maintain balance between your messaging and media.