November 16, 2009

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane – Part V

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Medical Marketing Becomes an Origami Crane.

Authors: Kathleen Dunn and Peter Gordon

Part V. Now is it a crane?

It is if you can take each of your different edges and planes and decide that they meet at well-defined creases, and that the combination of folds results in a recognizable final offering and a structure to support it. This structure is evaluated by testing each of the message streams to ensure that they are believable (each target audience must be convinced that what you say about the offering is true — and that it has true value to their particular area of expertise) and supportable (all claims must be supported by legitimate data that are relevant to each prospect’s particular needs).

If your final figure withstands this multivariate scrutiny, then maybe you do have a crane. Or a bird that better suits your offering. It may not necessarily be symmetrical. In fact it may be a bit messier than you would like; life has a way of not conforming to the exact strictures of an artificial system. But don’t be bothered by the little wrinkles — it means you have tested this construct and found it robust. Now it’s time to see if it flies….