May 24, 2010

A marketing idea that stops consumers in their tracks


Creating a customized online risk assessment

Creating a customized online risk assessment

So how do you get a cardiovascular campaign to stand out above the clutter when there are more than 50 hospitals flooding the market with similar messages? How do you engage consumers to come to your website and sign up for your marketing materials? How do you get people to realize that they’re at risk for heart disease and proactively seek out a cardiologist in your health system?

These are all questions we were asked by The Chester County Hospital (TCCH) marketing team and questions we asked ourselves as we developed marketing recommendations for their cardiovascular service line.  Our answer was to develop an online risk assessment that would determine an individual’s risk level for heart disease.

But this assessment needed to be different from the templated ones that could be bought from other companies. It needed to be customized and reflect the TCCH brand.  It needed to have evidence-based questions and it needed to promote and link to the system’s monthly screenings and community outreach programs. It also needed a personal component that offered a resource to individuals at high risk.

After several planning sessions and a month of programming, Heart Tracks emerged. This customized online heart risk assessment was built with the marketing and Cardiovascular teams at TCCH, and provides a custom report that links the individual’s risk factors to TCCH programs and services. Those who are at high risk can request a personal consult with the TCCH cardiac nurse navigator and if necessary, have an appointment immediately scheduled with a TCCH cardiologist.

Backed by a comprehensive advertising campaign, this initiative has been hugely successful with more than 1,500 people completing the assessment, 300 people signing up for TCCH marketing materials, 20 scheduled appointments with a TCCH cardiologist and an appearance on the cover of a leading health care marketing publication. All of this in less than three months!