January 19, 2012

Physician recruitment predictions for 2012

The physician shortage continues, and 2012 will be even more competitive.

2011 saw increased demand for a limited supply of physicians in hospitals and primary care practices. 2012 will be even more competitive. Here are the top four issues we predict will have the greatest impact on recruiting success:

4. We’ll recruit through mobile devices.

Doctors are on the go and using smart phones more than ever. Emails and direct mail campaigns can’t keep pace. Extend your reach with instantly accessible messages — make sure they’re easy to look at and easy to read!

3. Employer branding will be huge.

The physician shortage is worsening. Doctors want to know who you are, what you offer, and why the environment and culture you offer should matter to them. It’s not enough to state that a position is available — you need to tell the prospect what’s unique about your organization and how it matches his or her needs.

2. The big guys will enter the fight!

We knew it was coming: The big healthcare systems that used to recruit through their “old boy networks” now have to advertise their opportunities. And they have deep pockets. That’s why it’s critical for you to communicate why a candidate should choose your institution over the competition.

1. As the economy recovers, retention rates will take a hit.

Doctors stay put in a tight economy. But as the employment market heats up, more physicians are willing to take that leap of faith to something better. Make sure your institution’s physicians feel valued for their loyalty. Keep them engaged or you could be in for a staffing challenge.