January 22, 2013

RideECO means easy commute options

DVRPC's RideECO program saves commuters time and money.

DVRPC's RideECO program saves commuters time and money.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is no longer licensing the TransitChek trademark to offer and promote its commuter benefit program, along with related products and services. DVRPC needed a new name for the program, which enables employers and employees to save money by putting pre-tax dollars towards fares for commuters who use public transportation. DVRPC partnered with AB&C to name and brand the program.

AB&C developed several possible name options. Based on the results of focus groups with both employer administrators and employee users of the benefit, the program was dubbed RideECO, with ECO standing for the Easy Commute Options that save people time and money. AB&C also created a logo, designed a new website — RideECO.org — and helped handle media relations for the brand launch. To generate awareness of the program, we created outdoor and transit ads, print ads, banner ads and a radio spot. The campaign focuses on the monetary advantages of using the program, featuring the new name, logo and website.