July 14, 2016

Aloysius Butler & Clark Enters Strategic Partnership with Global Learning & Diversity Partners

WILMINGTON, Del. (July 14, 2016) – Aloysius Butler & Clark, one of the region’s largest full-service marketing communications firms with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Philadelphia and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, recently announced a new partnership with Global Learning and Diversity Partners, LLC (GLDP). A bilingual management consulting organization, the Wilmington, Delaware-based GLDP focuses on helping health systems, academic medical centers, government, education and large and small businesses build inclusive learning workplaces. AB&C chose to partner with GLDP based on the integrity of their work, depth of services and experience and measurable outcomes. GLDP’s focus on healthcare and educational-oriented industries also presented a natural fit for a significant portion of AB&C’s client base.

“Our partnership is based upon common goals of growing diverse talent and increase access to culturally competent services and products while promoting innovation,” said Paul Pomeroy, AB&C managing partner. “We’re very excited about what this coming together will mean for our own growth as a company, as well as for our ability to provide our clients with insights, resources and solutions in a world that is rapidly changing in terms of cultural inclusion.”

GLDP’s president and founder, Dr. Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko, will take the lead for GLDP in the new partnership and provide expertise, advice and consulting in the areas of cultural competent marketing, communications, recruitment and multi-cultural health promotion for AB&C and its clients. As a Culture Strategy Executive, Dr. Colon-Kolacko has established a national reputation for her ability to leverage diversity to foster a culturally competent society in order to improve equity, inclusivity and organizational performance.

Colon-Kolacko holds a Ph.D. in organizational development and change from Benedictine University, a MBA from Henley Business School, University of Reading England, a post-graduate marketing diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, London, and a Certificate in Diversity Management (CDM) from Georgetown University and the AHA Institute for Diversity in Healthcare Management.

“I welcome the opportunity to work with the entire AB&C team to leverage diversity and build innovative solutions to help clients to connect and understand better the needs of the ever growing diverse population and contribute to create high performing, creative, inclusive communities,” said Dr. Colon-Kolacko.

About Aloysius Butler & Clark
Aloysius Butler & Clark, one of the largest agencies in the region, is a 45-year-old full-service marketing communications firm with offices in Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The agency brings creative intelligence to local, regional, national and international clients in a variety of industries. Adweek selected AB&C as one of its 50 “Top Shops” in the nation.

About Global Learning and Diversity Partners
Global Learning & Diversity Partners is a unique bilingual consulting organization with offices in Wilmington, Delaware and London, UK. GLDP partners with organizations to leverage diversity to build inclusive workplaces and communities in order to promote innovation and equity.