October 14, 2016

Stamford Health “Healing. Reimagined.” Branding Campaign

Opening a brand-new hospital. Changing the name of a health system and physician group. Launching a new brand. Alone, each of these is a huge endeavor. But at Stamford Health, they did all three of these in the past year, and AB&C was up for the challenge.

After naming AB&C their agency of record last summer, Stamford Hospital worked with our team to roll out their new name—Stamford Health—and to also aggressively launch their new brand: Healing. Reimagined. The tag line, Healing. Reimagined, was so successful and identifiable with their employee capital campaign that it made sense for the organization to continue to stand behind it as they were preparing to open their new hospital in the Fall of 2016.

The challenge, however, was to educate consumers about what Healing. Reimagined. meant and also why the organization was changing their name to Stamford Health. To tackle this challenge, the AB&C team developed a market-wide campaign to incorporate the new brand messaging, promote their primary service lines and raise awareness about the new hospital that would be opening later in 2016.

The Healing. Reimagined. campaign launched internally in January 2016. A brand video, direct mail to employee homes and a comprehensive internal communications plan ensured that each employee understood the goals, was aware of the pending media blitz and was prepared to be a true brand ambassador. In February 2016, the Healing. Reimagined. campaign launched with a focus on leveraging the brand and the new hospital to differentiate Stamford Health from others in the market. A series of brand-specific and service-line-specific television, radio, print, digital, transit and outdoor ads all drove consumers to newly constructed landing pages that featured new physician videos, the ability to find a doctor and make an appointment, an overview of the new hospital, highlights from the campaign, and links to engage online with the Stamford team.

The aggressive campaign ran through late September, when the new hospital was scheduled to open. At that point, the focus shifted to the opening of the new Stamford Hospital. We launched a new commercial and a virtual tour that encouraged consumers to take a closer look at the beautiful new facility and understand how it was going to change patient care.