May 26, 2020

Is your positioning and brand message platform speaking to consumers?

All the best brand managers revise their messaging platforms to reflect changes in the market. They do this to remain relevant to their consumers and their markets.

Now is the time for healthcare marketers to look at their positioning and message platforms to determine if they need revisions. During this pandemic, two competing images of healthcare providers have emerged: With their position as defenders of the community’s health restored, and their willingness to risk their lives to help others, healthcare providers are seen as heroes and valuable community resources. But the fact that they were overwhelmed by the number, severity and supply needs of COVID-19 patients creates a different perception.

BRANDAre you providing “World Class Care,” “Exceptional Care without Exception,” “It’s How We Treat People” or the care that “Every Person Deserves?” Given the 24/7 coverage of shortages and stressed staff, you need to review your positioning.

While many marketing initiatives have been put on hold, now is the time to revise your messaging to fit the new COVID-19 normal. And as Marshall McLuhan reminds us, the medium is also the message. Use your digital marketing tools to send messages directly to consumers, avoiding mass media. Speak to where consumers are on safety. “Do I have to sit in my car and wait for someone to text me when I can enter the ER?”

Those of us who have worked on the inside have discussed safety in terms of core measures, such as central line infections. But this is different. Consumers want to know what the risk is for routine medical care and emergency care. They’re scared—and you need to reassure them that it’s safe to seek care with your organization.

Once you have reviewed your positioning and message platform, you need to review all marketing, social media and internal communications to ensure that you’re presenting a consistent brand.

Seem overwhelming? We can help. For nearly 50 years, we have helped our clients navigate market changes. Let us help you break through the market noise to differentiate your brand and meet consumer needs.