December 13, 2012

The benefits of a strong employment brand

Physicians can easily find a ton of options.

Physicians can easily find a ton of options.

Let’s face it: Physicians looking for a new position can easily find a ton of options. They make a couple of calls, check a couple of websites, and bam — a shiny new career opportunity. The challenge is, how do you get them to select your shiny new career opportunity?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the benefits of a strong employment brand:

Higher-quality candidate pool.

An organization’s quality depends on its employees — empty buildings can’t provide quality care.

More candidates who match your organizational culture.

Isn’t it great when everyone is pushing towards the same goal? Getting candidates who understand your goals and are willing to be part of them — priceless!

Increased attraction and closing of passive candidates.

Need I say more?

Lower rate of offer rejection.

Nobody likes to feel rejected. Oh, and filling positions faster will save your organization a significant amount of money.

Lower turnover of “frequently exceeds” physicians.

You know the ones: the docs whom everyone likes and who make you feel horrible when they walk out the door. What a morale killer!

Larger number of employee referrals.

Is there a better way to reduce costs? When you love where you work you want like-minded people to join you!

Greater likelihood of employee ambassadorship.

Imagine being so proud of the organization you work for that you’re willing to stand up for it. That’s a place I would want to work!

Higher levels of employee engagement.

Not just going to work, going to work with purpose.