September 25, 2014

AtlantiCare gets a re-brand

AtlantiCare branding banner

AtlantiCare branding banner

When AtlantiCare originally established their corporate brand, the theme “Taking You Well Into The Future” became the expression that captured the brand experience. Since that time, the organization has grown significantly. It has fulfilled its promise of wellness with many programs and initiatives. But the marketing leaders had questions.

Was the brand still relevant? Did experiences still typify the brand? To delve into these issues and others, Aloysius Butler & Clark conducted interviews with patients and employees. We learned people feel that AtlantiCare provides care here and now that sets the standard for quality and excellence. We learned that the care providers believe in doing the right thing for the patient above all else. The result is the “I believe” campaign that we launched recently. It is an evolution of the brand that captures the essence of the experience shared throughout the organization by those who deliver care and those who benefit from it.