December 28, 2010

Hospital Media Relations Part 2: How a level head and steady stride will land you on CNN

Get noticed by the media

So whatever happened to Dr. McDreamy? The world’s news cameras are at your door and you can’t wait to show off the medical miracles happening in your hospital. Here’s where the level head comes in.

With the needs of the patients and family, the media, and the executives in mind, you need a well-oiled PR department in which everyone knows what to do. (And maybe even a PR agency. But more on that later.)

Interviews are scheduled, executives are informed and expectations are managed. At the end of the day, the media gets what they want — a compelling, informative story told through the eyes of real people. The C-suite gains exposure for the clinical team and hospital investments. You get a chance to enhance your media relations.

Here is where a steady stride will pay off. A hospital PR professional who produces a steady stream of newsworthy stories — and keeps the information coming — will be noticed by the media. If you focus on the media relationship and tell stories with people in mind, you’ll reach the pot of gold and maybe even land an interview on CNN.