January 3, 2013

Does your recruiting message stand out in a crowd?

Does your message stand out?

To win over top physician candidates, you have to stay ahead of the pack. Sounds simple enough. But before you begin your recruitment push, make sure you’ve got the goods to attract them — and not just great pay and benefits.

Is your organization a model of medical efficiency and quality patient care? If so, is it due to decision-making from above?

Or are physicians taking the lead?

Great physicians want to work where they have a voice in how things are run and done. Where they can collaborate with like-minded professionals. And where they can practice using the most advanced technologies.

Sound like your organization? If so, make that the sum and substance of your recruitment message — and stay consistent with it.

Now, how does your message look? Is it buried among other classified ads? Is it loaded with text but missing “breathing room”? Is it based on a branding template that includes a simple yet strong logo and tag line? Are you using the right mix of media to reach prime prospects, and measuring your response from each?

Channeling that response is the final way to keep you ahead of the pack. Make the path to your organization short with a recruitment-only portal, and direct prospects there via a pURL.

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