January 26, 2016

Office of Highway Safety Winter Campaign

FB_Post_snowydrivingWinter: It can be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most dangerous—especially on the road. AB&C works with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) throughout the year to make drivers and pedestrians aware of the state’s laws along with the dangers of speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving and the like. However, the holiday season—when the stresses of rushing around combine with hazardous weather conditions to impose an even greater risk—requires some additional effort. Data shows that in November and December, there is typically an increase in crashes and fatalities as a result of speeding, lack of seatbelt use, driving under the influence, driving inattentively, poor visibility and more pedestrian traffic.

AB&C’s behavior change marketing team was tasked with creating a campaign to increase awareness of the season’s dangers and promote enforcement efforts to keep Delawareans safe—both ways to ensure people enjoy the holidays while avoiding accidents and fines. AB&C needed to design a campaign to remind people to slow down, pay attention, buckle up and make smart decisions. The result? “It’s the most dangerous time of the year.”

The winter campaign combined the strategies of various OHS promotions, including Speed/Occupant Protection, DUI, Distracted Driving and Pedestrian Safety, with an overarching holiday theme. The campaign communicated these key messages:

  • During the holiday season, there are additional risks on the roadways: earlier dusk, increased drinking, and the hustle and bustle of shoppers everywhere.
  • Extra law enforcement officers will be out to help protect Delawareans.
  • Avoid accidents and fines by playing it safe on the roads: don’t speed, wear a seatbelt, don’t drive under the influence, tune out distractions and look out for pedestrians.

AB&C developed creative, media and public relations tactics to execute the campaign. Examples include print ads, radio spots, out-of-home advertisements and social media posts.